Pedestrian precincts, fountains, arcades - Hotel Krone

In a piece of far-sighted planning, Freudenstadt was selected by Duke Friedrich (Württemberg) in the year 1599 as his splendid residence, embedded in a fantastic natural setting. A princely castle was to be constructed on the enormous market square. But things turned out differently. A romantic little town arose around the (castle-less!) market square. From the beginning of the last century Freudenstadt rapidly became a charming tourist town with cultural offerings, cosy corners and sights. And medium-sized businesses have found perfect surroundings here for inventors and innovators. Many firms in different sectors have become important global players.

Have a look at our town, whether on a business trip, on holiday, an excursion or while visiting the shops or a cultural event. The princely plans of yore, to cordially welcome and pamper guests from near and far, find modern fruition in Hotel Krone, a stylish residence in the heart of a historic site.