So near to nature, Hotel Krone in the heart of Freudenstadt, Black Forest

Freudenstadt invites you to promenades – in town and in nature. Go up the Kienberg with its fantastic panorama from  Friedrich’s Tower (Duke Friedrich founded Freudenstadt in 1599), and in the Teuchelwald forest park there are historic routes (the Healthy Climate Route, for example) through a fairy-tale forest. Or what about a tour of discovery through a sustainable forest?

Walking, hiking, Nordic walking, cycling, getting all kinds of exercise – or just relax in a nice spot, enjoy the natural surroundings and the view. Experience and discover Freudenstadt on interesting trails and from varied perspectives. You will be fascinated.

Nearby there are wonderful natural sights of beauty. For example take the Black Forest High Road and be sure to plan in a hike on Lothar’s Path, etc, etc.  The Freudenstadt  Tourist Information Centre, just two minutes’ walk from the hotel, has all the information you need.